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Allen Skuce Barrister & Solicitor: Family Lawyer in St. Thomas

Based in St. Thomas, Allen Skuce Barrister & Solicitor is a family lawyer who understands how hard it is to make decisions under the often difficult circumstances of divorce. Allen Skuce focuses not only on divorce, but also child support, spousal support, custody, access and child protection.

Helping You Understand

We provide representation and legal aid for all family law issues, including those surrounding separation. Allen Skuce thoroughly understands the economic issues surrounding marital dissolution and will help you understand them too. We come with a healthy dose of experience in helping families make decisions in the midst of their most difficult times.

Over Twenty Years of Experience

Our practice was established in 1992 and serves Elgin and Middlesex Counties. Having had 24 years of experience in these matters, Allen Skuce Barrister & Solicitor understands the importance of trust during challenging times. You can trust Allen Skuce to offer the most reliable, responsible advice when you're undergoing the pain and confusion of divorce.

Areas of Focus

Focusing on the area of family law, Allen Skuce offers sound legal advice on a wide range of legal matters and practices in the areas of:

  • Family law
  • Separation agreements
  • Access applications
  • Divorce
  • Appeals – reasonable flat fees
  • Custody applications
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Children's rights

Call or email our law firm to get more information or to discuss your legal issues with Allen Skuce Barrister & Solicitor.

809 Talbot St, St Thomas, ON, N5P 1E4

Main: 519-631-7933 | Fax: 519-631-9232 |

Allen Skuce offers sound legal advice on family law matters. Learn More
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